Noam Elyashiv
Rhode Island
Square Top Signet Rings | 18k Gold

These rings are part of a series that examines the ancient Signet Ring, and reduces it to a visual dialog of Form + Function. In comparison to the original format, here the seal component remains plain (unornamented), in the intention to create anonymity.

Noam Elyashiv uses hollow fabrication method to contrast the rings’ solid appearance with their light weight.
“I wanted the wearer to experience a sense of duality, strength and fragility (which reflects my overall position regarding jewelry as a medium). I used gold for its heritage and physical properties, and as a manifestation of sentiment”.

Made back in 2000, the rings convey both an ancient and contemporary presence.
In his 'Design Sourcebook’, David Watkins wrote about Noam Elyashiv work:
“The expression is un-modern...The pieces achieve a dry, archaeological, out of the sand, biblical sonority..."