29 MAY - 12 JUNE, 2024
This May is an important month for contemporary jewelry in Seoul. From May 28th to July 28th, the Seoul Museum of Craft Art will host "Beyond Adornment," featuring 55 Austrian contemporary jewelry artists alongside 55 Korean artists.
The exhibition, titled "A Mind of Their Own," coming to Seoul this time, showcas es the works of 55 representative artists from the early days of Austrian contempo rary jewelry in the 1970s to the present, arranged chronologically. Originating from Austria and Germany, this exhibition has now arrived in Korea. To commemorate this, it incorporates the works of 55 Korean jewelry artists, resulting in "Beyond Adornment," which is the largest contem porary jewelry exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Craft Art to date.
During this significant period, hosting a simultaneous exhibition of four Austrian artists at GaleryO will greatly contribute to promoting the meaning of contemporary jewelry. The exhibition of the four Austrian artists at GalleryO promises to be an intriguing display, each showcasing the distinct styles of these artists and offering a glimpse into their unique narratives. We hope this exhibition will provide an opportunity for visitors to reconsider the meaning behind the jewelry they wear.
Susanne Hammer, Petra Zimmermann, Michelle Kraemer, Benedikt Fischer
Susanne Hammer, Circle Line Necklace, necklace, brass silver-plated blacked, 2018
Susanne Hammer, Tube Necklace, necklace, stainless steel, elastic cord,2024
Petra Zimmermann, Red Ring, Ring, costume jewelry fragments, Polymethylmethacrylat, silver, 2024
Petra Zimmermann, Vanitas vanitatum et omnia Vanitas., necklace, Silver, Niello, Gold, 2018
Petra Zimmermann, The Jeweler's Archive Model 1 (LAPIS BALL, SIDE PIECES LAPIS-ROS.30./X.28, 103660)/Variant 2", blackened silver, 2022 / The Jeweler's Archive Model 1 (LAPIS BALL, SIDE PIECES LAPIS-ROS.30./X.28, 103660)/Variant 3", silver-gilt , 2023
Michelle Kraemer, Connectivity, brooch, Balsa wood, paint, pigment,varnish, silver, 2023
Michelle Kraemer, Lost in Emotion, brooch, Balsa wood, paint, pigment, varnish, silver, steel, 2023
Michelle Kraemer, Moving On, ring, Balsa wood, paint, pigment, varnish, 2023
Benedikt Fischer, Hemispheres, necklace,wool, mohair, cotton, glass, 2024