8 MAY - 21 MAY, 2024
In spring 2024, we present an exhibition by Yutaka Minegishi, an active artist based in Munich. Born in Japan in 1973, Yutaka completed his undergraduate studies at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry in Tokyo before studying at Pforzheim University and the Munich Academy in Germany in 1995. He has since resided in Germany, steadily practicing as a contemporary jewelry artist, holding vibrant exhibitions in Europe and Japan. Yutaka crafts rings by shaping various large pieces of materials into bold and captivating forms that attract the public.

Yutaka Minegishi, an artist I have had the pleasure of experiencing, is known for his sense of humor. His personality shines through in the current exhibition, 'Lucky Swine.' During Germany's strict isolation period, which was more rigorous than Seoul's, the artist decided to create jewelry that would bring joy amid those bleak times. Drawing inspiration from this, he produced works playfully expressing pig noses and tails for the exhibition. This exhibition has traveled through the United States and now arrives in Seoul. We hope this exhibition brings delight to your eyes.

Miwha Oh
Yutaka Minegishi
"When thinking about what an artist could do during this difficult time, I realized that it was to make people smile. I said to myself, let’s make funny objects that make me smile while I’m making them. In Germany, they say “Schwei. Haben.” which means “be Lucky.” So here’s to you, Lucky Swine!